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Wed, 15 November 2023

CDO Aachen 2023 – Convention on Digital Opportunities Aachen

– Getting connected for the Circular Economy –


In view of climate change, environmental pollution, social inequalities and resource scarcity, companies must now assume their responsibility to act sustainably. Politics is creating the framework with the EU climate protection package and the associated goals of the German government. Companies are called upon to integrate sustainability as a strategic goal, set clear targets and identify innovative solutions. Here, the value-enhancing circular economy is becoming increasingly important for industry. The aim is to use materials and products for as long as possible by sharing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling them. Extended product life cycles as well as efficient use of materials enable companies to promote environmental protection, manage resource scarcity, drive innovation and increase their competitiveness.

  • How must organizational structures be set up in order to integrate the circular economy in the company?
  • What technologies support a value-added circular economy?
  • What data is needed to optimize processes and improve resource efficiency?
  • How can the different players in an ecosystem be networked with each other?

The participants received answers to these and other questions about the circular economy during the CDO Aachen 2023 - Convention on Digital Opportunities Aachen.

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