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Wed, 16 November 2022

CDO Aachen 2022 – Convention on Digital Opportunities Aachen

– Sustainable Digitalization for the Era of Uncertainty –


Internal and external volatility, increased scrutiny on corporate social responsibility (CSR) or changing employees’ expectations lead companies to question how to use digitalization to face these challenges. What is known is what needs to be done. The challenge for companies is to know how to achieve their digitization goals.

CDO Aachen 2022 discussed the following three topics to answer the “How”:

  • Digital resilience vs. sustainable digitalization – two sides of the same coin?

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  • Leveraging technology to face uncertainties – how does this work?

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  • Corporate culture & digital technologies – dream team for an era of uncertainties?

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Responsible for the content and organization of the event were FIR at RWTH Aachen University and Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center GmbH (i4.0MC); Organizer was EICe Aachen GmbH.


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Speakers of CDO Aachen 2022:



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